2015 Fixtures and Results


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Date Club NOR SI Results Report Photos
 28/3/2015  MWYC Open  RESULTS  REPORT  Photos
 18/4/2015  Whitefriars Training Training Video 1 Training Video 2
 19/4/2015  Whitefriars Open  RESULTS  REPORT  PHOTOS
 3/5/2015  FOSSC Open  RESULTS
 9/5/2015  Cam Open
 23 – 25 / 5 / 2015  Sea Championships – Fowey  Information  RESULTS  PHOTOS
 6/6/2015  Earlswood Lakes OPen  RESULTS  REPORT  PHOTOS
 13/6/2015  Medley Open  RESULTS
 5/7/2015  Maidenhead Open  RESULTS  REPORT  PHOTOS
 25-26/7/2015  Broxbourne dbl Header  RESULTS Video R1 Video R2  Video R3
 12 – 15 / 8 / 2015  Nationals – Staunton Harold SC  Information  RESULTS  REPORT PHOTOS Practice R Video R1 Video R2 Video R3 Video R4 Video R5 Video R6 Video R7 Presentation
 5/9/2015  Desborough Open  RESULTS
 6/9/2015  Staines SC
 3-4/10/2015  Hunts dbl Header  RESULTS


 Qualification Rules

1.)  All travellers to events must be members of the BMBA

2.)  The final result of the Open meeting will count towards the Somerville Trophy (as opposed to individual races).

3.)  Helm must attend 50% +1 of all events to qualify

4.)  Weekend events will count as 2 separate meetings

5.)  All open meetings count towards qualification

6.)  There is no longer a requirement to attend River events – but please still support these.

Tie Breaker 
1. Most 1st places
2. Most 2nd places
3. Most 3rds etc

Classic Trophy
Concurrently with the Somerville Trophy a  competition is being introduced in the hope of encouraging the helms of ‘older’ boats to compete.  All boats with a hull number from 1 – 750 inclusive will be eligible for this new trophy.  The fleet will sail as one and the results of the older boats picked out of the general results.  Obviously the older boats will also qualify for the Somerville – so they get two chances to come away with some silverware.


3/4 Pt for first, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, etc

Overall Somerville Results 2015