Nationals 2014

Venue: Pitsford Reservoir, Northampton, NN6 9DG

Date: 13th to 18th August

This year there is something special.  SailRacer will be on site for Thursday’s racing.

A Tracker will be fitted to every boat on the Thursday.. These will be in real time, but no information will be available in the boat. Why are we doing this, New Boy will try to explain. “The information will be beamed like magic back from the boats to shore where it will be stored on a laptop. Shortly after the racing has finished on the Thursday, there will be a talk from a Sailracer representative on how to understand and use the information that has been stored. It will contain things like boat speed, deflection from the wind (Did you really tack on the shifts) distance sailed up the beat and over a complete race. Much more too. At some point during the week a training talk will be given using some of the data explaining where gains were made and time lost. Once the data has been loaded onto Sailracer which will be almost instant you will be able to look at your data at leisure and compare what you did to others. We will in the future be able to use it again as a training day aid.

I have decided to add a few prizes based on information from the trackers. I have not decided on all prizes but one will be for the fastest speed on a reach during a race.

Alongside the trackers cameras will be on a few boats. Don’t worry cameras will only be on three or four boats. A request will be made to the owner prior to fitting. The intention is to spread them around the fleet from front to back. The footage will be linked to the tracker and Sailracer will edit and put a promotional video together for us which can again be used for training and maybe at a future boat show. Sailracer will put this video on their website which is great publicity for us.

The trackers are meant to add another dimension to the Nationals and hope they will be a fun and informative addition to the week’s events. We will all learn something about how we sail and we may get to find out what the top speed of a British Moth is if we get a windy day.

After the event a link to the information will be created for ease of use.

Entry Form

BMBA membership Form

NOR and Sailing Instructions  This link takes you to the Northampton Sailing Club Website where these are.

Please note there is a requirement to carry 6m of 8mm rope in case of rescue. 



Worried about where to stay?

Each year the majority of  the fleet and their supporters (team) camp on site.  At Northampton over the last few years this has been free of charge.  The Clubhouse is within a stones throw meaning you can stagger to your accommodation (Tent / Camper-van/ Car or whatever you have in mind).  At the same time the club caterers have an excellent and very good value food ticket scheme, payable at the beginning of the Championship which gives you food all week (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner).  In addition there is tea coffee  and cakes.  If it is windy  then here is your opportunity to build up your weight to keep the boat flat!  This means there is no reason to do your own catering.


Race and Social Program

Morning Afternoon Evening
Tuesday Arrival Arrival
Wednesday Registration (9:00 – 11:00) and measurement checks Practice Race (13:00) Teddy Hicks Trophy (14:30) Welcome Party
Thursday  – Sailracer Tracker Day Coup de Leon (10:00) Marlow Ropes (12:00) Obelisk Trophy (15:00) Sailracer Analysis of the day
Friday Ameythst Trophy (11:00) Thompson Trophy (14:00) AGM (18:00)Annual Dinner (19:30)
Saturday Solent Trophy (10:00) Prize giving (11:30)Pack up and go home!
 All timings approximate and may be subject to change.
These races count towards the Brent Cup (5 out 7 to count)
Notice of AGM and Agenda

There are additional goings on at Camp New Boy in the evenings.  Including on Tuesday Evening Boat tuning, Wednesday Evening Fowey 2015 Promotion, Thursday and Friday Evening Cocktails (Prior to planned events)

Race Reports, Photos and Results

Day One Racing Report      PHOTOS

Day  Two Racing Report  (Sail Racer)

Day Three Racing Report

Day Four and Final Report