700 Tabitha Twitchit For Sale

It is with great sadness that I am putting Tabitha Twitchit (700) up for sale. I bought her 2 years ago and noticed last year that the decks needed some work doing to them. Over Winter/Spring I dried her out and then sanded the decks, applied 2 coats of epoxy and 7 coats of varnish. To my dismay the decks instantly started splitting again. It quickly became apparent that the decks are delaminating. This job is beyond me and so I am looking for a new home for Tabby with someone who has the time and skills to restore her decks. She is a very good Meritlock boat, built in 1976. She comes with a boom down PVC cover, collapsible launching trolley, 1 well used sail and a topper rudder.


Jenny Bentley

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