Hot day at Girton

A diminished band of travellers joined local man Paul Leafe for the Girton Open. This was a joint meeting with the Miracle fleet, so there was plenty of boats on the water to play with.

The day started well with Paul’s new sail measuring but as it turned out there was a sting in the tail…

The committee boat was the favoured end in perfect Moth conditions, albeit with occasional light shifty breezes. Paul and Elaine Gillingham hedged their bets with a mid-line start and had the best of the breeze on the first leg. Colin Hall back at the committee boat hit a dead patch but once in clear air picked up boat speed and took advantage of the wind bend up the right hand side of the course to arrive at the windward mark ahead of Elaine and Paul who had both gone left. After a slight confusion over whether it was an 8 or 9 on the course board Colin and Elaine decided to sail both as it was only a minor deviation. Paul meanwhile was watching his new sail unzip along the top batten seam and retired after the first lap. On closer inspection the stitching had not gone completely through the sail.

For the second and final race of the day Colin still favouring the committee boat with Elaine and Paul flying his backup sail, mid-line. Elaine found good boat speed up the first beat but was only just pipped at the windward mark by Colin making the mark on a single tack. The second leg was a long board reach along the full length of the lake. Elaine kept Colin close company with good off wind pace with Paul slowly loosing contact with the leading pair.

Much fun was had closing down the back end of the Miracles and there is something quite pleasing about sailing past a boat flying a spinnaker…

And that was about it, the Gillingham-Halls enjoyed a good days sailing and Paul in need of some extra race pace and a new sail that does not self-destruct.