Fast and furious 5 – Medley drift

Medley 2016 3


The Moth Bowl is one of the oldest events in the Moth calendar. This year’s was held in light and tricky conditions, ensuring a worthy winner.

Race officer Iain Tullis set an angled line to spread out the fleet of eighteen boats. In Race 1 Toby Cooper started at the pin end and led from there to the finish. Tim Davison chose the other end but managed to work his way through the fleet to finish second. There was a good tussle for third, with Ian Miller getting the bronze.

The start of Race 2 was delayed to let a Conservancy launch tow a huge island of reeds downriver. After much circling, Davison emerged to lead up the first leg. Cooper was tacking better and soon rolled through, followed by Rob Paynter who was pointing high and going fast with his raked-back rig. In the failing breeze the course was shortened to one lap and these three diced to windward and the line; the result being Cooper, Davison then Paynter.

Graham and Beverley served a sumptuous lunch and the combatants took to their Moths refreshed for the sudden-death one-race Bossom Cup. Davison led from the start followed by Toby Smith and Cooper, and these three swapped the lead until the last mark when a collision saw then-leading Davison do a 720, which dropped him back 100 yards in the lightest of winds. Smith spotted a gust and swept to an impressive and well-deserved win.

Cooper was able to sit out Race 3 of the Moth Bowl, so missed seeing Josh Bullock streak off the line and get to the first mark in the lead. This boy is one to watch for the future! Sadly the fickle breeze served up a lull, experience told. Smith emerged the winner, with Paynter second and Davison, who had been OCS at the start, third. A fine race to end a delightful day.