Cam SC British Moth Open for the Cam Coffee Pot

Seven boats competed in Cam Sailing Club’s British Moth Open for the Cam Coffee Pot trophy this year.

Following a start postponement while waiting for the wind to fill in, the first race was held in a light breeze. The wind steadily filled in during the day to give some pleasant sailing conditions in warm sunshine on the river course for the second and third races.

Toby Cooper from Broxboune SC again dominated the event sailing well with two convincing wins in the first two races. Gary Tompkins (Hunts SC) finished 2nd overall. Third and fourth places were decided on a ‘tie break’ and saw Rick Benson from Cam SC finishing 3rd overall and Abby Freely from Hunts SC 4th.



3 races with 1 discard

1st Toby Cooper (Broxbourne SC) – 2 points

2nd Gary Tompkins (Hunts SC) – 3 points

3rd Rick Benson (Cam SC) – 6 points (tie break)

4th Abby Freely (Hunts SC) – 6 points (tie break)

5th Nick Heath (Cam SC) – 9 points

6th Ian Priest (Cam SC) – 11 points

7th Christine Heath (Cam SC) – 14 points