Desborough Boat Swapping Open

No wind greeted the 10 competitors to Desborough SC annual British Moth open meetinng on Saturday 6th September.

With a briefing at 1030 and a start at 11am the fleet launched their boats, and waited tantalisingly for the first upstream leg. Richard Broughton from the home club got away cleanly followed by Gary Tompkins ( Hunts SC).  Broughton using his local knowledge got a substantial lead over the fleet and started to lap the tailenders. With positions changing through the rest of the fleet the lower positions were not confirmed till they crossed the finish line.

After lunch the second race got under way in similar fashion. This time Paul Cook (Maidenhead) who borrowed 847 from Simon Hall, also joined the leaders off the start line. However with the fickle winds the race finished in a similar manner as the first with Broughton taking line honors and Tompkins coming in second

Going into the third race the first two places were confirmed, however 3rd place was still to be fought over with 4 boats potentially to take it.  To add to the fun various competitors decided to try each others boats out. Abby Freely (Hunts SC) swapped with Broughton, Simon Hall took out 861 after problems with the boat he borrowed for the day.

For the first leg Starsky Torchia (Staines SC) took an early lead only to be overtaken on the second leg by Broughton.  There was a quite a gap to the rest of the fleet however Tompkins managed to break away and join  the leaders.  However on the last leg Tompkins over took Torchia to take second place.