Cam Coffee Pot

Two home sailors joined 5 visitors for this year’s sailing of the Cam Coffee Pot – one of the prettiest trophy sailed in one of the prettiest locations.  The wind was from a favourable direction and a reasonable velocity for British Moths and the sun was shining.  We all started in one group, although Abby generously left space on the line of the first race by being barely of the bank when the start gun went.  Andy Matthews got a clean start and led from the off, hotly pursued by Toby Cooper and Rick Benson. Even with a wealth of local knowledge Rick couldn’t catch Andy.  Meanwhile in the rest of the fleet positions were changing.  Abby managed to catch up with but never overtake Ted Deacon.  Meanwhile Gary Tompkins and Rick had close racing right to the last when Gary sailed into some weed, Rick got away and Ted and Abby went past him too.


The Ladies of the Cam produced an excellent lunch which was enjoyed on the verandah, with most of the Matthews clan present.


The second saw Rick get and build a good lead.  The wind began to shift in all directions and the rest of the fleet caught Rick up by sailing 6 abreast across the river – mostly on different points of sail.  Toby came out of the pack first and Andy followed.  Rick managed to stay in third, Gary 4th Abby 5th, Ted 6th and Cristy Heath 7th.


The start of the 3rd race was most amusing.  Andy, Gary and Abby sailed in formation for Susie Matthews’ camera for a great shot of the 3 X-Moths.  Then one of ‘those gusts came through leading to Moths flying in barely controllable fashion and helms struggling to stay in control – somewhat reminiscent of last year.  It was just one gust and the wind settled back to its somewhat shifty self.  Again Toby got away, Andy was second.  Rick was 2nd and Abby 3rd until we sailed in to a hole and Gary got a great gust and came from behind to steam by both of us.


Winner of Cam Coffee Pot for 2014 – Toby Cooper, 2nd Andy Matthews, 3rd Rick Benson, 4th Gary Tompkins, 5th Abby Freeley, 6th Ed Deacon and 7th Christy Heath.