Mums in Moths

Moths 2_1

Sailing is always seen as a male orientated sport.  Here we have pictures taken at FoSSC by Ian Widdows of two mums in action.  Are there any more photo’s like this taken this year and I will create an album showing the flexibilty of our wonderful craft in action.  

Cam Coffee Pot

Two home sailors joined 5 visitors for this year’s sailing of the Cam Coffee Pot – one of the prettiest trophy sailed in one of the prettiest locations.  The wind was from a favourable direction and a reasonable velocity for British Moths and the sun was shining.  We all started in one group, although Abby […]

July Open Meetings

This month we have two new venues.   On the 6th Maidenhead SC will be hosting their first ever Moth Open which will be taking place along side the Club’s usual calender.  The first two races will be Back to Back followed by a hearty lunch.  Race three will follow.  The NOR is published and details […]

Moth Bowl and Bossoms Cup and Medley SC


  Visitors arriving for the Moth Open and Bossom’s Cup on Saturday 14 June could not believe their eyes. Not only was the sun shining on the buttercups across the meadow, but there was a stiff breeze blowing from the unobstructed north-east.   Seventeen boats took to the water, pretty much evenly divided between visitors […]