Mirror like conditions welcome us to Broxbourne

May 17th was a joint open meeting with British Moths and Lightnings at Broxbourne Sailing Club.  The competitors arrived on Saturday 17th May to find the conditions were sunny and very little wind.  With the Race Officer setting a simple course in the light fluky conditions found the first leg was a reaching start.  However Toby Cooper (Broxbourne SC) managed to get a clear start and pulled out a substantial lead. He was followed by Andrew Cooper (Shearwater SC).  There was then a large gap to the next boat.

With these conditions nothing was certain and with changes in places throughout the fleet Richard Keefe (Hunts SC) managed to pull through the fleet from last over the start line to finish second.

After lunch conditions had slightly improved but the wind continued to shift.  A new course had been set from the middle of the lake this time sailing towards the club house.  This was no guarantee that the wind would either remain or change direction.  Again after bunching on the committee boat end of the line Toby Cooper got a way, again followed by Andrew Cooper.  However as soon to be proved this was no guarantee of positioning as Toby Cooper was followed round the first mark by Colin Hall (Hunts SC).

A large gap soon developed and these leaders were not threatened in any way.  However further down the position changes were aloof and although there were large gaps between groups of boats those who were stuck behind the line at the end caught up the rest of the fleet as  there was bunching at the windward mark for the second lap due to a reversing Lightning who had misjudged the wind position.

The third race started almost back to back.  This time the fleet was more organised and every one had a good start.  With the majority of the fleet following Toby Cooper, two intrepid of the later starting sailors tacked off to get clear air and caught the fleet up on the first mark.  By the second mark all but the 2 leaders had been caught out by these 2 and they followed round in 3rd and 4th places.

With bunching throughout the race nothing was certain till the end.

First day finished with Toby Cooper taking first place, Colin Hall 2nd and Gary Tompkins 3rd.

Day 2 already looked more inviting with brilliant sunshine and more of a breeze.  With longer courses the fleet once again away first time.  But with the shifting wind anything was going to be possible.  The leaders remained the same.   As the race progressed positions started to change by the middle of the first lap, and by the end Richard Keefe had managed to push his way through to get into second place.

Race 3 started after lunch.  This time Abby Freely Hunts SC) got to the windward mark first, however she struggled to keep this lead and she was over taken by Toby Cooper.  As the race proceeded she was then overtaken by Richard Keefe.  As the race progressed the fleet was split into groups of three, as each group pulled away from the one behind it.

Many thanks to the kindness of the members of Broxbourne SC for their hospitality and friendliness towards the visitors.

Final results