Nationals – Day2 Staunton Harold SC

British Moth Nationals – Day2 Staunton Harold SC
The first race of the day was for the Coupe De Lion Trophy. With a light SW breeze emerging in the morning the OOD set a course diagonally across the lake from the Clubhouse. With the majority of the fleet heading across the lake one or 2 intrepid sailors decided to hug the north bank, gaining a significant advantage over the rest of the fleet.
The intrepid Toby Cooper arrived first at the windward mark followed by Robbie Claridge and Roger Witts, with the North shore huggers arriving next. The fleet headed back down the lake before crossing over to the other side. As the leaders cleared the third mark the rest of the pack converged in ever lightening conditions forming a raft several boats deep. Toby Cooper had managed to pull well clear of the pack and had created an untouchable lead.
The second group including Roger Witts and Robbie Claridge also managed to clear the fleet. With mirror like conditions tha had appeared it seemed no one, except Tony Cooper would finish this race but as the wind filled in the pack started to converge on the second group.
As the first 5 boats crossed the line the next 20 boats gave rth Race officer a challenge as 20 boats finished in 20 seconds.
After a short break the wind decided to come back in a similar direction and the fleet headed back to the start line for the Marlow Ropes Trophy.
With the fleet not sure where to go this time because of the previous race it scattered itself the full width of the lake, however this time Tim Davison (Medley SC)managed to get clear air and create a substantial lead. Behind him were Tony Latham (FOSSC) Richard Keefe (Hunts), Robbie Claridge and Tony Cooper.
As the 1st lap continued there was a battle for the first few places and by the end of the lap Tim Davison, Tony Latham aand Robbie Claridge had been joined by Toby Smith (Medley SC).
By the end of the second lap with the wind shifting from side to sideTim Davisons lead was being eroded away. However he manged to take line honours followed by Roger Witts and Robbie Claridge.
After a much needed lunch the fleet looked eagerly at the now much fresher conditions and left the shore for the Obelisk Trophy.
On now what seemed a windy start line the fleet once again headed up the lake. With nothing to choose from on the first leg, it looked as if it could be anyone first to the mark. Robbie Claridge got o the mark first joined by Rod Theaker (Staunton Harold SC) in a borrowed boat, and Toby Cooper. As the lap continued Robbie kept is lead but was being chased by Toby Cooper. As the lap continued Robbie was being challenged by Toby Cooper and now close on their heels wash again Roger Witts.
As the race continued it looked as if there could be an upset at the front as the two lead boats sailed to the wrong mark close to the finish, but as they realised their mistake rectified themselves. Again Toby took line honours followed by Roger Witts, and Steve Sergeant (Aldenham SC).
The lead positions at the end of day 2 now look as below
1st Toby Cooper
2nd Tim Davison
3rd Roger Witts
4th Robbie Claridge