Hunts SC Open 15 Jul 2012

Whilst the Cam Open meeting the previous day having been cancelled and the river clubs cursing the summers deluge, the gravel pit at Hunts SC welcomed the increase in water level. Although the day was cool the sun shone a little and the wind blew, albeit variably – all things given, not too bad a day for a Somerville travellers’ series event.

Hunts SC British Moth Open 2012

Race one unfolded as a demonstration of why Toby Cooper (Broxbourne SC) is a many times National Champion. Ed Deacon (Hunts SC) was the only challenge to Cooper’s lead and held on to a comfortable second. Somewhat adrift of the leading pair an interesting race long tussle was playing out for third spot.  At the finish, it was Gary Tompkins (SESCA) who grabbed third just ahead of Paul Thomas-Peter (Ripon SC) with Elaine Gillingham (Hunts SC) and Abby Freeley (SESCA) in close formation. Paul Lohr (Welwyn Garden City SC) safely shepherded the fleet home.

Hunts SC British Moth Open 2012

Race two saw Cooper dominate the race from lap one and so the interest was in who was going to fill the second and third positions. Freeley started strongly but by the second lap, it was between Deacon and Colin Hall (Hunts SC) who had a race long tussle with Deacon getting the better of it.

Toby having an unassailable lead dipped out of the last race leaving the rest of the field to decide who was second best. Hall looked as if he was going to clear off from the start but suffered a ‘senior moment’ and was attracted to the wrong mark. This let Deacon, with Tompkins in tow, to nab the lead which he held until the finish.

With the Sommerville Series on hold until after the 80th National Championships, most of the competitors headed home with a list of jobs to do.

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