British Moth Open at Whitefriars SC 8 Jul 2012

Whitefriars enjoyed company from 9 travelling Moths. The weather was kind with only one small shower over lunch and a nice fair wind that lasted all day.

1st race:

Wiltshire was 1st to the windward mark, Latham and Wiltshire built a good lead over the pack which had made it hard for the normal front guys to find clear air. Wilder was back in 4th and Witts was so far back i could not see him. Wiltshire and Latham swapped the lead several times and Latham then went to the wrong mark. Wilder and Witts finally broke free from the following pack and dragged themselves back up to the front. Wiltshire and Wilder went up the left side of the beat while Witts went right and lost out then Wilder stole the lead on the last run to take the win. At some point Claridge had moved up to 3rd and got right on the stern of Wiltshire. After going the wrong way while sailing well Latham ended in 4th.

1st: Wilder

2nd: Wiltshire

3rd: Claridge


Race 2

This race was to be part of the club pursuit and the Moths were given a class start. The fleet all arrived at the top mark together with Abby Freeley being near the front. By the end of the 1st lap Wilder, Witts and Claridge had built a lead with Freeley and Wiltshire fighting for 4th, Tompkins was using his new carbon mast and still trying to get to grips with it. Wilder and Witts pulled away from Claridge while down the fleet Pope and Perrot had a good battle. At the time of the bell Wilder was in front with Witts who had spent time tweeking his boat between races a very close 2nd followed a little way back by Claridge.

1st: Wilder

2nd: Witts

3rd: Claridge


Race 3

Tompkins made an interesting start on port and after a few tacks found some space to get clear air. Tompkins clearly getting better with his new mast was very quick changing places with Witts and Wilder more than once. Wiltshire was just a little way back and had a great last beat to catch Tompkins as he dropped away from the leaders. Wiltshire briefly passed him but Tompkins was having none of it and claimed his place back. Wilder just held on to win.

Overall Results