Mid Warwickshire YC Open 14 Apr 2012

Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club welcomed the British Moth Class for the third year. Sixteen competitors including four from the home club were greeted with some sunshine, not a lot of wind and even less water. The reservoir which was full on Friday had mysteriously drained overnight, leaving Club officials scratching their heads, the conspiracy theorists having a field day and the sailors eating bacon rolls.

With the wind blowing from a northerly direction over Campion Hill and shifting wildly, Race Officer Mark Ellard made the best of an impossible task and set his first course of the day. An over enthusiastic fleet resulted in the first general recall of a race at Mid Warwickshire in living memory. Some of the fleet were still a bit keen as there were three individual recalls for the second start.

British Moths at Mid Warwickshire YC 2012

Once the fleet was clear Rob Wilder took the lead in the X Moth and remained there until the finish. There was quite a battle for second place between Tim Davison and Roger Witts in a new Claridge deep cockpit boat. Davison eventually broke clear to take 2nd and Witts finished third.

The leading boats had built up quite a lead over the back markers necessitating a shortened course. The fleet headed for lunch earlier than scheduled compounding a further crisis in the galley. The dinner ladies had gallantly overcome the Calor gas sneakily running out a little earlier and were now faced with a horde of hungry sailors. To their credit everyone had a tasty hot meal on time and got back on the water earlier than expected for Race 2.

The wind picked up considerably after lunch and a change of course was made to avoid the shifty drifty corners in the lee of the hill. This time the fleet got away cleanly first time. Ian Haywood hit the front and held the lead for 3 laps with Roger Witts lying second for two of them. Rob Wilder took the lead in lap 4 and Tim Davison moved into second spot. Haywood resolutely held onto 3rd place until the finish and a spirited performance from local boy Peter Lee put him in 4th place much to the delight of the home crowd!

The competitors stayed out for Race 3. First and second places were already decided and the battle was on for third place. The course remained unchanged and the sailing committee got to practice their general recall procedure once more. Fortunately the second start was clean. Tim Davison took the lead with Ian Haywood in hot pursuit. Rob Wilder was lying 3rd. As the race progressed Wilder stepped up a gear and eventually managed to hit the front and remained there until the finish. Davison kept Haywood at bay. Roger Witts finished fourth and Peter Lee’s good form continued with a fifth place.

The boats were packed up and it was time for tea and cakes. It was noted by the local members, who were expecting a cake fest the following day and were bitterly disappointed, that Moth sailors can hoover up the home baking with the best of them.

In addition to prizes for the first 3 boats, spot prizes were awarded to First Lady, Elaine Laverty and the Cadbury Heroes were awarded jointly to John Pickford and Simon Hall for accumulating the highest point score without counting a DNF or DNS!

Finally Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped to make the event happen and for the excellent turnout of competitors, some who travelled a considerable distance, and made it all worthwhile. We hope to see you again next year!


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MWYC Open 2012

Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Entries: 16,
Rank SailNo HelmName Club MWYC 1 MWYC 2 MWYC 3 Total Nett
1st 881 R Wilder Tamesis (1) 1 1 3 2
2nd 846 T Davison Medley (2) 2 2 6 4
3rd 871 Ian Haywood Frampton (9) 3 3 15 6
4th 888 R Witts Frampton 3 (5) 4 12 7
5th 860 P Lee MWYC (6) 4 5 15 9
6th 862 Gary Tomkins SESCA 4 (6) 6 16 10
7th 817 R Keefe SESCA 5 (9) 7 21 12
8th 880 T Latham Frampton 7 7 (8) 22 14
9th 850 E Laverty MWYC (11) 8 9 28 17
10th 784 P Thomas-Peter Ripon (20 DNS) 11 10 41 21
11th 815 M Seaton MWYC (15) 10 11 36 21
12th 708 S Hall Maidenhead (14) 13 12 39 25
13th 836 J Pickford Earlswood (13) 12 13 38 25
14th 873 M Wiltshire Whitefriars 8 (20 DNF) 20 DNS 48 28
15th 849 D Laverty MWYC 10 (20 DNF) 20 DNS 50 30
16th 783 A Freeley SESCA 12 (20 DNF) 20 DNF 52 32