Frampton-on-Severn S.C. 31st March 2012

“The Suspense Trophy”

Fuel shortages did not keep 13 British Moths away from the first Open Meeting in the 2012 Somerville Traveller Series.  Visitors from Ripon, Bury St Edmunds, Tamesis, MWYC, Earlswood Lakes, Carsington and Whitefriars joined the 4 boats from Frampton.

Greeted by overcast clouds and temperatures a little lower than in recent weeks a light and shifty North East breeze predominated for most of the day.  However sight of the Sun in the afternoon helped Frampton live up to its Tropical tag !

British Moths at Frampton on Severn 2012

The 1st race was dominated by Class Chairman Rob Wilder -881 who led from the start and took the winning gun by a comfortable margin.

Chasing were Andrew Perrott-834, Mark Wiltshire-873, Tony Latham-885 and Roger Witts-888. Witts was making hard work after a poor start and took some time to break away from this pack  getting caught several times before finally clearing on the final lap to finish 2nd. Latham was quick in his first Open in ”Same Same” and managed to secure 3rd just ahead of Perrott and Wiltshire.

With Wilder away in the distance and the chasing pack trying in vain to close the gap the back markers were struggling in the conditions as well as finding their way around the shallower areas caused by the reduced water level at Frampton.

With the breeze swinging and refusing to settle down OOD Brian Kitching re-positioned all the windward buoys prior to the start of Race 2.  Wilder again made a cracking start but this time Witts in the “on loan” John Claridge deep-cockpit boat “Blue One” was with him.  Perrott, Wiltshire, Richard Keefe-817 and Chris Latham-837-Frampton-on-Severn were also well placed at the windward mark.

Wilder relentlessly covered Witts for 3 laps before squeezing ahead and holding on for the win with Witts 2nd.  These two finishing some distance ahead of the pack; something that would cause them grief in Race 3 !

Perrott clearly benefitting from the Whitefriars Training weekend the week previous had a well deserved 3rd place with Wiltshire 4th, Keefe 5th and Chris Latham from the home club in 6th.

The Open finishing order was decided on these two results but the fleet stayed on the water for Race 3 – A personal handicap race where  starting positions were calculated by the OOD and his helpers.

Intended to be a fun race it was noticeable to all that everyone was trying very hard, none more so than Wilder and Witts who were heavily penalised and started 10 minutes after the first group !

The breeze had by now picked up a little but remainded variable and shifty.  Quick to capitalise was Frampton light weather expert Ian Haywood (7th in Race 1 and 9th in Race 2) who took full advantage and headed the Fleet never to be caught.

Furthest traveled entrant Paul Thomas-Peter – 784 Ripon S.C. was also going well and held 2nd place to the finish.  Tony Latham after a mid fleet finish in Race 2 got serious again and soon carved through earlier starters to assume 3rd position which he held to the finish.

4th and 5th places went to the MWYC visitors Pete Lee-860 and Elaine Laverty-850 respectively with regular visitor to Frampton John Pickford from Earlswood Lakes in 6th place.

As for the hard done by “W,s”(Wilder and Witts) they eventually caught the main pack and managed to finish in 9th and 10th positions and were still muttering about being nobbled until the Bar was opened !

Thanks to principal sponsor Stroud Brewery and a special mention and thanks to Chef Supreme Steve Kendall and OOD Brian Kitching and all his helpers.


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Overall Results – “The Suspense Trophy”

1st – 881 – “Proper Job” – Rob Wilder –Tamesis Club (1, 1)

2nd – 888 – “Blue One” – Roger Witts – Frampton-on- Severn S.C. (2, 2)

3rd – 834 – “Moonlight Mouse” – Andrew Perrott – Chippenham S.& C.C. (4, 3)

4th – 873 – “ Asbo” – Mark Wiltshire – Whitefriars S.C. (5, 4)

5th – 880 – “Same Same” – Tony Latham – Frampton-on-Severn S.C. (3, 7)

6th – 817 – “Painted Lady” – Richard Keefe – S.E.S.C.A.,Bury St Edmunds (6, 5)

7th – 837 – Cnris Latham – Frampton-on- Severn S.C. (10, 6)

8th – 871 – Ian Haywood – Frampton-on- Severn S.C. (7, 9)

9th – 850 – Elaine Laverty – Mid Warwickshire S.C. (9, 8 )

10th – 784 – “Ruby Tiger” – Paul Thomas-Peter – Ripon S.C. (8, 10)

11th – 860 – P Lee – Mid Warwickshire S.C. (11, 11)

12th – 836 – John Pickford – Earlswood Lakes (12, 13)

13th – 838 – J Nixon – Carsington S.C. (DNF, 12)


Next Open – MWYC (Leamington Spa) – Saturday April 14th