British Moth Open at Staines – Sep 2011

A report from Abby Freeley (BM 784):

We were a select fleet of 3 on Saturday at Staines. Gary Tompkins, Abby Freeley and Dennis Miles took to the water in perfect conditions for Staines, i.e. the wind was from the South coming straight up river and with none of the over-the-trees, exploding on the water – bouncing off the flats over the water routine which can be interesting and frustrating.

In the first race Gary got off to a good start and led for the first lap with Abby catching up on the downwind leg, she then over took and led for a bit until Gary over took again on the long beat back to the windward mark. The changing positions carried on until the last lap when Lappet’s speed off wind meant Abby got water at the downwind mark and with careful covering tactics 😀 kept in front to win the first race, Gary was second and Dennis, back in a Moth for his annual outing, was third.



The second race started out in much the same way but proceedings were enlivened when the extra long toe of the one foot that had connected with a toe strap of Abby’s large size over the drysuit wet boots bent the wrong way ‘quick releasing’ backwards over the side of the boat. Happily she kept hold of the main sheet and was able to pull herself back to the boat but Gary had got away and a severe attack of the giggles kept her from catching up. Dennis joined the swimming team (ahead of David Walliams who went by the on Sunday morning) and had to be recovered. Gary 1st, Abby 2nd, Dennis dnf.

So it was a domestic duel for the third race. As the one minute horn sounded Abby gybed,foolishly dropped the tiller and capsized, falling out of the back of the boat. Her new John Claridge centreboard is very effective upwind, but very slippery to climb back on, her righting lines proved to be too short, and she had to be rescued too. Gary sailed one lap and was sounded home the winner.

With the winds picking up overnight, we decided against Moth sailing on the Sunday at Desborough