Calm at Hunts SC fo final open of the year.

The last of this year’s Moth Opens was held at Hunts Sailing Club on the weekend of 19-20 September. Despite the weather warnings, 14 Moths (along with the Lightning Open on the Saturday) participated over the two days in what only could be described as ‘Waiting for wind’. Day one was calm, with a patchy […]

Varied conditions at Nationals

Nationals at Harold Staunton seem to attract Moths that haven’t been seen before, but this time a Moth turned up that had not been seen by its intrepid helm at all. As others were going through the formalities of remembering which bits of rope go where, Moth 893 was being measured and weighed for the […]

2015 Nationals are here

Most of this year’s opens are over, Fowey FFFFFive has past and on Wednesday the Nationals start. Arrival on site tomorrow (Tuesday) after 16:30 and the bar will be open.  Wednesday morning will be registration, weighing and in one case complete measurement – yes there is another new boat  coming. There are 3 new names […]

2015 Nationals – Staunton Harold Sailing Club

THey are nearly upon us with only 2 weeks to go. Can we have entries in ASAP to help with catering and paperwork before we all turn up. Link to page on website

Maidenhead – Mirror to waves in for hours

A variety of conditions and the added hazard of other non-Open boats sailing on the lake made the recent Moth Open, held at Maidenhead Sailing Club on Sunday, July 7, an interesting competition for the sailors. Competitors from around the country joined the three local Moth sailors in what became a tight contest of patience […]

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