The British Moth

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The British Moth is an 11 foot, one design, single handed dinghy with superb light wind performance and sheer exhilaration in a blow. Quick to plane, with a fully stayed rig, scow bow and simple hard chine hull built to closely defined tolerances, the cockpit and controls can be laid out according to the individual’s preferences and the rig is fully adjustable enabling it to be powered up or de-powered to suit a variety of helm weights and sailing conditions.

Originally designed in 1932 it is the first British designed and built single handed dinghy that has now celebrated over 80 years of putting smiles on its helms faces.

The modern British Moth can come in a number of guises including:- All wood (Severn Sailboats) FRP deep and self draining Cockpit options (Claridge).  THe boat is also suitable for home build and there is the option to buy an FRP hull and finish at home.  The class rules allow for helms to choose the spars and foils that best suit them.